Optimizing the Charter School Building Process

Since its inception in 2005, CFP has been involved in a variety of charter school building projects. We know the processes that take charter schools from the dream stage to long-term success. Our hands-on approach puts a wide range of relevant skills and expertise in the hands of charter school stakeholders. And while our activities with each school will differ in the details, our work often includes common elements:

  • Supporting and participating on individual school facilities committees
  • Evaluating property, potential sites and buildings for suitability
  • Arranging financial or refinancing assistance through our financial partners
  • Managing CFP lease agreements with network schools
  • Arranging and negotiating property purchase or lease agreements between CFP, network schools and any third parties
  • Researching and recommending architects, contractors, financial institutions and related partners

The ultimate goal of each project is to provide a high quality facility and the opportunity for the school to purchase the facility within five to seven years of completion. CFP will use the proceeds of the sales to finance subsequent construction projects with the aim of expanding quality school choices for more families in more communities.