Expertise in Charter School Facility Funding

About Challenge Foundation Properties

The executive team at Challenge Foundation Properties brings a wide array of skills and experience to every project we accept. Our in-depth knowledge of charter school building financing is matched by our expertise in site selection, construction, renovation and all aspects of charter school development.

We engage with local professionals to assist as needed, helping clients manage their growth for long-term success. In most situations, these complementary consulting services are provided without charge to the client.

Over the last decade, CFP principals and consultants have developed a track record for working closely with charter school boards at the local level. We take an individualized approach to helping educators and administrators position their programs for excellence. Our ultimate goal: a well-designed, program-supportive facility that charter school communities can call home for the long term.

Board of Directors

President: Philip Byers

Vice President: Mike Harrington

Board Secretary: Tracy Banker

Director: Gary Gammon

Director: Tommy Luckadoo