Presentation Resources

Glogster for Education: Create posters and have students collaborate creating unique resources
QwikSlide: Easy for elementary students
Voki: Create speaking, custom avatars
Blabberize: Change any image into a talking video
Animoto: Create slideshows to music, including text
Educreations: is a way create online audio/visual lessons that can be whiteboarded or narrated with images or both, and are searchable by content
Helloslide: Generates audio of the printed text on a slide
Knovio: Quick and easy webcam and audio presentations to combine with your PowerPoint Allows you to share slides and video of you explaining your slides in a split screen
SimpleBooklet: is a quick way to create mashups of audio, video, images, text, and embedded code
Little Bird Tales: Save sound and images together in a shareable presentation
Go!Animate: Allows quick, computer generated voices to be added to a series of characters, creating simple animations with your content
Screencastomatic: Capture your screen, your webcam, your mouse clicks and your narration
Haikudeck: Simple, elegant presentation tool
Edpuzzle: Use any video and crop, record audio, and/or add questions for your students
Canva: Have Students create their own brochures

Timeline Creator

Myhistro: Timeline that incorporates maps
Timetoast: Timeline tool. Doesn’t support BC
Chronozoom: Timeline templates


Online MP3 Cutter: Allows you to pull and cut audio from a youtube video with just a link
Vocaroo: Simplest audio recording on the planet