Seventh Grade

Social Studies

America as a World Power

Annexation of Hawaii Using Primary Sources
A Guide to the Spanish American War
Spanish American War Lesson Plans
Journalism and the Spanish American War Activity
Primary Sources for the Spanish American War
The Building of the Panama Canal
Age of Imperialism Resources

World War I

Use of Propaganda in WWI Lesson Plan
The Homefront during WWI Lesson Plan
Front Line Trench Virtual Tour
WWI Interactive Online Game
WWI Mini-Book
WWI Resources
Animated Map of the Western Front
Treaty of Versailles Negotiation Activity
League of Nations Lesson Plan
Khan Academy Videos

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution Resources
Russian Revolution Timeline
More Russian Revolution Resources
Russian Revolution (Video)

America 1920's—The New Deal

Roaring 20's Videos (History Channel)
Harlem Renaissance Lesson Plan
The Stock Market Crash Resources
The Civilian Convservation Corps Resources
The Great Depression Resources
The Great Depression Lessons from the Library of Congress
The New Deal Lesson Plans from the Library of Congress
The Dust Bowl Interactive Resource
The Dust Bowl Resources
Dorthea Lange Photos and Biography
Depression Era Photos
FDR Lesson Plans

World War II

World War II Media Database
Causes of WWII
The Holocaust Museum
Holocaust Resources
Simon Bolivar Biography
Brazilian Independence
Interactive Map of South America
Interactive map of Central and South America with Photos
The National WWII Museum
WWII Europe in Seven Minutes Video
Poster Art from WWII
Japanese Interment Lessons
Pearl Harbor Memorial
Attack on Pearl Harbor
Manhattan Project Resources
Before and after photos of Nagasaki
D-Day Resources (PBS)
Khan Academy Videos

Geography of the United States

Interactive Map of the US

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips