STEM Resources

General STEM Sites

Sesame Street STEM
Science Through Innovation Videos
Kids Ahead (Elementary STEM Resources)
PBL STEM Projects
STEM Resources from Intel Corporation
50 High School STEM Resources
National Science Digital Library
40 STEM Apps
Math and Science Activities (Shared by Teachers)
The Concord Consortium
ESL and Teaching STEM Vocabulary
Games, Simulations and Virtual Labs for STEM
US Navy STEM Site
Siemen's STEM Academy
North Carolina STEM Learning Network
STEM Data and Trends
Find Your Path Through STEM Standards
NASA (Online Resources for Students)
STEM Resource Finder
Material World Modules for All STEM Areas
MIT K–12 STEM Videos
Arizona STEM Network
Nova Education
National STEM Centre (UK)
NASA Sci Files
STEM Is Elementary


Potential Energy
Interactive Science Tools
ActivitiesSTEMbite (Youtube channel where teacher uses Google glasses to explain science)
Sparticl (General Science Topics)
Teachers Try Science (Good Middle and High School Activities)
Wonderville (Science and Technology)
Ph-NET (Interactive Simulations for All Grade Levels)
Mad Scientists Network (Good of Middle and High School)
Nanoscience Informational Science Education Network
Chemistry Resources
The Franklin Institute for Science Learning
50 Chemistry Videos
Science Buddies (Science Projects)
Slow Motion Chemistry Videos
The Physics Classroom
Science Webcasts from the Smithsonian
Word Wizard Science Dictionary
Hands-On Activities
General Science Resources from Jefferson Lab
Everyday Science Mysteries
The Feynman Lectures